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Les Glyphes modifient vos compétences afin de les optimiser pour le rôle que vous avez l'intention de remplir. Anticiper dès le niveau 20 la façon dont vous voudrez jouer votre classes à haut niveau vous aidera à bien choisir vos Glyphes tout au long de votre progression.

Introduction aux glyphes

En un sens, les Glyphes sont aux Compétences ce que les Cristaux sont aux armes et armures. Tout comme les cristaux aident à mettre l'accent sur certains points forts ou stimuler certaines capacités de votre équipement, les glyphes perfectionnent certains aspects de vos compétences afin que vous puissiez en tirer le meilleur parti.

Points de glyphe

Les personnages gagnent une somme initiale de 10 points de glyphe au niveau 20, et accumulent ensuite 1 point supplémentaire par niveau. Le plafond actuel est de 50 points au niveau 60.


Le Commandant Seir à Velika offre à tout personnage niveau 20 son premier glyphe via la quête « Mise au jour de glyphes ». L'achèvement de cette quête fait gagner un glyphe approprié à la classe du personnage. Il est conseillé de terminer cette quête avant d'aller acheter des glyphes, afin d'éviter d'acheter inutilement un glyphe offert par cette quête.

D'autres glyphes peuvent être achetés auprès du Maître de glyphe de votre classe, à Velika, Allemantheia ou Kaiator.



Lors de l'achat d'un glyphe, il apparaît dans l'inventaire du personnage. Il faut ensuite l'apprendre, en cliquant (bouton droit) sur le glyphe, de la même manière qu'on apprend une recette d'artisanat ou niveau d'extraction. Le glyphe nouvellement appris se rattache automatiquement à la compétence à laquelle il est lié, sans pour autant s'activer.


L'activation d'un glyphe est une étape distincte de son apprentissage. Pour activer un glyphe appris, ouvrir la fenêtre des compétences, sélectionner l'onglet Glyphes, puis choisir le glyphe à activer. Cliquer sur le bouton « Appliquer » pour valider l'activation du glyphe. À partir de cet instant, l'effet du glyphe sera automatiquement activé pour toute utilisation de la compétence rattachée.


Vous pouvez apprendre autant de glyphes que vous pouvez en acheter, mais pour les activer il vous faudra dépenser des points de glyphes. Certains glyphes utilisent plus de points que d'autres, vous devrez donc faire un peu de maths pour trouver la combinaison qui vous paraît la meilleure.

You can see at a glance which skills have active glyphs, which have non-active, learned glyphs, and which have no glyphs attached by the black, yellow, and green indicators in the Skills window. Black indicates unglyphed skills, yellow indicates skills with learned glyphs, and green indicates skills with active glyphs.


Absolutely. Speak with any glyphmaster to pay to reset your glyph points. You won't need to buy these glyphs again. You're simply deactivating them, not unlearning them.

Types de glyphes

You've got a lot of options when it comes to picking glyphs. How you choose to glyph your skills depends upon how you want to play. Are you interested in hardcore PvP? You'll probably choose glyphs to increase your survivability or damage capability. Are you planning on running dungeons with groups? You'll probably want to optimize your skills to support multiple targets and increase your MP and HP regeneration. If you're a tank, you might glyph to increase your threat, damage, and survivability. If you're a healer, you'll probably glyph to boost healing and casting efficiency.

You may experiment with different glyph arrangements or even change them from time to time to suit new styles of play.

Restorative Glyphs

These glyphs help recover health and mana, either in discrete bursts or over time. This is a useful choice for any player looking to maximize endurance and minimize recovery time.

Empowering Glyphs

These glyphs make your skills better, whether by increasing the number of lock-on targets, extending the range or duration of a skill, or simply decreasing cast times or MP costs. These glyphs allow a player to do more with their character.

Defensive Glyphs

Survivability is the goal here. These glyphs increase resistances, endurance, and movement speed. Tanks can also pick glyphs to help increase their aggro to keep enemies and BAMs focused on them instead of the healer or damage dealers.

Offensive Glyphs

Choose these glyphs if you want to take the fight to your foe. They increase power, add damage to existing skills, amp up your critical rate and attack speed, and do everything possible to make your character the TERA equivalent of a terminator.

Glyphs are named for their effect and glyphs with the same names share similar effects. Glyphs of Restoration, for example, might restore a chunk of HP or increase your HP regeneration, while Glyphs of Lingering increase an effect's duration. Take a look at the Classes section, where we've included examples of your class's glyphs and their effects. Just remember, a glyph configuration doesn't work for you until you've slaughtered a few BAMs and proven that it works for you.


Your particular style of play will be the main deciding factor as you glyph up. Some glyphs are more useful for PvP content, while others are darned handy for anyone. Given how limited your glyph points are, look carefully at your choices and pick the ones you find most useful.


You'll start with a free Glyph of Piercing, which gives your basic attack a chance to deal double damage. Slick Penetrating Arrow lets you move full speed and charge up one of your heavy-hitting skills, so that's worth a look, and Lingering Poison Arrow is a flat increase in damage dealt. If you like PvP, Lingering Slow Trap can help you evade your enemies and rain the pain.


As a berserker, you'll start with a free Glyph of Haste, which increases the charging speed of Cyclone. Balancing Tenacity will keep you on your feet and mobile, and Empowered Vampiric Blow can restore your HP in the middle of a fight. For PvP-oriented berserkers, Fleetfooted Fiery Rage increases your movement and attack speeds, which is always useful, while Swift Flatten lets you hit faster, giving you more stunned foes to slaughter.


As a lancer, you'll start with Glyph of the Pump, which has a chance to increase power after a successful block. Your mission in life is to keep mobs on you, not on your squishy friends. Threatening Combo Attack draws more aggro, as does Threatening Shield Counter, making your job much easier. For PvP lancers, does it get better than Longshot Leash? Don't get kited—reach out and touch someone, and then pummel them with a giant stick.


More than most, you'll pick your glyphs depending on how you play. However, some glyphs are useful for any mystic. Lingering Volley of Curses lets you keep up your damage and stay on the move, while Empowered Sharan Bolt amps the damage on your basic attack and Fortified Thrall of Protection lets your battle buddy stay in the fight longer. Persistent Teleport Jaunt just might save your neck in a heated PvP battle—which you'll get as your very first glyph.


As a priest, you'll start with Glyph of Lingering, which increases the duration on Regeneration Circle. Multiplicative Focus Heal restores multiple allies, which can make or break a battle, and Longshot Focus Heal can help you do your main role even better. For PvP, you might select Numbing Final Reprisal to slow a foe while making your escape or Powerlinked Triple Nemesis for those priests in the thick of battle.


As a slayer, you'll start with Glyph of Power, which increases the power on Combo Attack. Brilliant Leaping Strike reduces mana cost on an important skill, which leaves more for other abilities, while Empowered Knockdown Strike deals extra damage. Some glyphs are useful in both PvE and PvP fights. Restorative Overhand Strike heals your slayer while hurting your enemies, and Fleetfooted Evasive Roll gives you a chance to increase your movement speed—both of which are handy in any battle.


As a sorcerer, you'll start with Glyph of Brilliance, which lowers the MP cost of Fireblast. You're flashy and squishy, so maximizing damage while staying alive are your keys to success. Longshot Fireball increases the range of your basic attack, while Lingering Ice Needle chills your enemies longer. In PvP fights, Lingering Glacial Retreat increases the slow duration on your foes, as does Numbing Ice Needle.


As a warrior, you'll start with Glyph of Persistence, which gives a chance to eliminate the cooldown on Evasive Roll. For a tanking warrior, Threatening Battle Cry and Threatening Torrent of Blows both keep the attention on you. For warriors in PvP, Binding Torrent of Blows can keep your enemies in one place, while Lucky Battle Cry gives you a chance to stun your foes.